Kamala Harris has a brief meeting with China’s Xi Jinping: Here’s what they discussed


Days after his extensive talks with President Joe BidenChinese President Xi Jinping met with Vice President Camala Harris on Saturday at the Bangkok Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum.

“The vice president took note of an important message that President Biden emphasized during his meeting with President Xi on Nov. 14: We must maintain open lines of communication to responsibly manage competition between our countries,” the White House official said. .

“I greeted President Xi for the APEC Leaders Retreat,” Harris wrote in a Twitter post.

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At the APEC meeting, Harris told the assembled world leaders that the US would continue to focus APEC on sustainable economic growth, building on the strong foundation Thailand has laid this year with new ambitious sustainability goals.

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Harris’ meeting with Xi came after the US said it was looking for China to do more to manage its ally North Korea.

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North Korea on Friday fired a ballistic missile that officials said could hit the US mainland.

Harris held talks about North Korea’s latest missile launch with the prime ministers of five US partners, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, to strongly condemn North Korea.

Speaking of meeting with Biden, Xi told Chinese state broadcaster CCTV that the talk was strategic, constructive and critical to the next phase of China-US relations.

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“It is hoped that the two sides will further enhance mutual understanding, reduce misunderstandings and misjudgments, and jointly promote China-US relations to return to a healthy and stable track,” he said.

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