Kang’ata mocks Murang’a BBI vote


Murang’a Senator Irungu Kang’ata on Tuesday, February 13, faced backlash after the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) referendum bill passed unanimously in his own court.

Kang’ata has been criticized for writing a letter to the president warning him that people in the Mount Kenya region oppose the BBI process.

Murang’a County was the first to give the green light to the BBI Bill on Mount Kenya in a unanimous vote attended by the region’s Governor – Mwangi Wa Iria.

Senate Majority Chief Whip Irungu Kang’ata addresses reporter in 2019


ODM chief, Raila Odinga’s aide Silas Jakakimba, questioned Kang’ata’s research before drafting the letter to the president.

“The Murang’a County Assembly, where my classmate Senator @HonKangata did ‘veranda research’, UNANIMOUSLY approved and passed the BBI bill by 53 votes to 0 This is how the pitch is, ”Jakakimba remarked.

A section of TBEN accused Kang’ata of exempting “the will of the MCA” and only included the will of the people when he wrote the warning letter to the president.

Murang’a County Assembly unanimously voted YES to the BBI bill. So what was @ HonKangata’s controversial letter based on? In addition to “the will of the people”, the letter should have taken into account the “will of the MCA”. We are moving on, ” said a Kenyan named Thuranira Kimungi.

The Murang’a MCAs chanted the slogan “Kang’ata Must Go!” Moments after having debated and passed the amendment bill.

Moses Kuria also had his part in the mockery due to a list he released some time ago that contained the number of counties that would vote against the BBI bill.

Kuria's List

List of counties that will not pass BBI by Gatundu MP Moses Kuria

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“The list that Moses Kuria published some time ago on BBI’s failure in county assemblies. It turned out to be wrong and discarded, ”blogger Polycarp Hinga said.

The BBI bill has been approved in nearly 30 counties, exceeding the required threshold (24) to hold a national referendum. The next step will see the transfer of the bill to Parliament for the final vote before the IEBC procedure to develop the referendum question.

“We have 25 county assemblies that have passed the BBI bill and still count,” said BBI secretariat co-chair Dennis Waweru.


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