Kari Lake’s allies beg her to accept the loss despite resistance


One of the states people were most concerned about in terms of intense, perhaps violent, opposition to a narrow loss was Arizona, home to the most unrepentant election deniers in the nation. Now, despite Lake’s fierce determination not to accept the results, Lake’s allies have her circled, trying to convince her to give in. According to the Washington Post:

“People around Lake have told her it wouldn’t be in her best interest to claim the election was stolen. movement. Others have warned against distorting the running tally and decided that there is little meaningful the campaign can do to change the outcome. Trump allies, such as former ambassador Ric Grenell and attorney Christina Bobb, met with Lake, according to the report.

At least she gets good advice. She needs to consider whether she wants to remain viable in the future.

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A person aware of the discussions told the Post, “No one is advocating storming the castle,” even though there is anger and resentment among her allies over how the election turned out. Another adviser said, “Everyone expects us to yell, and we’re doing the opposite,” adding that Lake may go to TBEN News to discuss the situation.

Going to TBEN to “discuss the situation” is probably a good move, as long as she remains emotionally distant and doesn’t imply that something was done to her on purpose to ensure a loss. She has the right to sue to provide evidence that the census is unreliable and all those other good post-election motions.

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Her best move is to take the opportunity on TBEN to wash away some of the Qanon stench strongly attached to her. Lake may or may not have a future in politics. She’s strongly tied to Trump (who may or may not have a future in politics as well), which could easily translate into an identity with the Florida-based “America First” movement. While there is overlap, there are distinct differences between Qanon and America First. She needs to get herself categorized as America’s first as soon as possible to keep her options open for the future.