Karine Jean-Pierre ridiculed after claiming Republicans are responsible for high gas prices


White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre made comments to the media yesterday suggesting that House Republicans, barely two weeks after serving as a majority, will be responsible for higher gas prices in the near future.

Jean-Pierre’s comments reeked of desperation to distract media coverage from President Biden’s ongoing classified document scandal. And they were utterly laughable on their faces.

“As many of you are following, House Republicans will vote this week to raise gas prices for American households,” she opened her joint press briefing with Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm.

“The contrast in priorities couldn’t be greater,” added Jean-Pierre. “The president, as you know, has done everything he can for the past two years to lower gas prices for American families, and prices have fallen by about $1.60 a gallon since last summer.”

“Now the House Republicans are using their narrow majority to force the American people to pay higher gas prices, just as major oil companies are making record profits.”

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Weapon level gaslighting level

Karine Jean-Pierre’s objections stem from a bill by House Republicans that would prohibit the Secretary of Energy from tapping the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) without a back-up plan to stop oil and gas leasing on federal lands. to increase.

In other words, the GOP is trying to persuade the government to increase domestic oil production, which would keep the SPR intact and avoid the need to beg for oil production from countries like Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.

Of course, the SPR should not be emptied for national security emergencies, so that Biden can claim “lower gas prices.”

President Biden repeatedly tapped the reserve and met with foreign leaders to force them to increase oil production as a means to dampen last year’s skyrocketing gas prices.

Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm has emphasized this not allowing the president to wipe out U.S. reserves would undermine national security, create a crude oil shortage, and drive up gasoline prices.

Those are all things that would actually come from a failure to increase domestic production. But this government rarely leans on reality-based initiatives.

Instead, they engage in gaslighting (pun intended) the American people with their effortless lies.

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Karine Jean-Pierre mocked for her view on gas prices

Karine Jean-Pierre’s view of gas prices, as if concerned that the American people would suffer at the pump, comes as prices have been above $3 a gallon for nearly 20 months.

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Twenty. Months.

She prices a national average of $3.45/gallon. On the day former President Trump left office, the national average was about $2.39/gallon.

On a side note, this administration had for months blamed ‘Putin’s price hike’ for higher gas prices, but they are now celebrating a slight drop? Isn’t Putin still involved in a war with Ukraine? Shouldn’t it be ‘Putin’s cost cutting’?

Regardless, Jean-Pierre’s comments sparked a lot of criticism on social media.

“There has never been a worse, more openly dishonest and gaslighting press secretary than [Karine] Jean-Pierre,” tweeted Canadian lawyer David Freiheit.

My team of fact-checkers put that statement through the wringer and concluded: true.

Townhall editor-in-chief Matt Vespa seemed shocked by Jean-Pierre’s brazen attempt to divert the blame for excessive gas prices from President Biden.

“She didn’t just say this… your boss has been cutting us at the pump for months,” he wrote.

RedState columnist Buzz Patterson fired back: “She’s just not very good at her job.”

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Hi! We are not sure whether such criticism is allowed, despite the obvious truth. She is female, black and gay. What further qualifications do you need, Mr. Patterson, to prove her excellent qualifications for the job?

And while the White House is suddenly taking credit for lower gas prices again by setting an arbitrary goal post from “last summer,” the real story is that they actually back in the elevator.

Damn those House Republicans and their platform of energy independence. They have been in the majority for less than 3 weeks and their SPR bill – which has not yet been voted on and the president has promised to veto – has already raised gas prices.

That is literally what Karine Jean-Pierre is trying to suggest.

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