Karmaditya Baldota’s X-ray Art Exhibition is on display at Nehru Art Center Gallery


Karmaditya Baldota’s X-ray Art Exhibition is on display at Nehru Art Center Gallery

Until July 31, Karmaditya Baldota, a 20-year-old artist aspiring, presents ‘Xposure’ — The Art of Looking at Things Inside Out — an exhibition of X-ray art at the Nehru Art Center Gallery, Mumbai.

X-ray art is a new-age medium for depicting concepts and objects using their skeleton. The art focuses on the structural core peeling off the outer layer.

The solo exhibition, inaugurated by Sangita Jindal, Founder – ART India Magazine and President – JSW Foundation, will feature evocative large format light boxes, depicting subjects ranging from nature to fast cars and everyday objects.

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The art will force the viewers to engage with the works and diminish the internal beauty within the subjects. The displays convey the unique perspective of Karmaditya and are layered with societal commentary.

A technically skilled art form, X-ray art involves composition, color infusion and image manipulation to highlight chosen areas, direct the eye flow, inject a mood and make the art attractive.

Karmaditya has pledged all proceeds from the exhibition to the Victoria Memorial School for the Blind, which helps the blind and partially sighted live happier, more fulfilling lives.

About the artist

Karmaditya Baldota is an art explorer and has used different mediums to express his creativity from a young age of 20. His repertoire ranges from the classic oil on canvas to writings, from waste to nature photography.

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When his father bought a Nick Veasey X-ray Art piece, it immediately struck a chord and inspired him to research and apply the technique.

The Baldota family is an art-loving family and Karmaditya was exposed to some of the finest works by renowned artists during his visits to museums around the world.

While the museums made a deep impression on this young artist, it was the visits to small galleries and new-age progressive art that were conceptual and playful, testing the limits of aesthetics and mediums that really excited him.

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Like any teenager, he wanted to break the boundaries of legacy and create a new imagery that had a deeper meaning for his generation. Karmaditya is known to skillfully weave art, concepts, causes, technology and skills to create works that keep you on track and compel you to interact with them.

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