Karnataka cabinet expansion to be finalized in 3 days: BS Yediyurappa


BS Yediyurappa said that within three days everything would be finalized.


Karnataka’s Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa said on Friday that the much-anticipated expansion or reshuffle of his cabinet would be finalized within three days and that a schedule will be scheduled for the swearing-in of new ministers thereafter.

“Regarding the expansion of the cabinet, I spoke with our National President (BJP), JP Nadda, about what to do, how to do it, how changes need to be made. in two days, he will confirm and in three to four days, a program will be planned for the swearing-in of new ministers, ”Yediyurappa said.

Speaking to reporters, he said within three days everything would be finalized.

Responding to a question about a few candidates wishing to be inducted into the cabinet by dropping out some outgoing ministers and holding separate meetings, Mr Yediyurappa said: “Such discussions are continuing. MPs will express their opinion, I would not want to discuss it. “

As the wait continued for the cabinet exercise, Deputy Chief Minister Laxman Savadi told Kalaburagi earlier today that the BJP high command is likely to communicate its decision to the CM in about a week.

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Mr Yediyurappa had met Mr Nadda in New Delhi on November 18 to discuss the cabinet exercise, after which he said the party’s national chairman had requested a few days of time to consult with other leaders on the question.

The developments in Delhi on Wednesday were seen as a sort of rehearsal for Mr Yediyurappa, as he was fired with a similar response from Mr Nadda, when the chief minister offered to resume the cabinet expansion exercise in September, before the monsoon session of the state legislature.

Political activities intensified within the ruling BJP camp in the state after Yediyurappa said on November 10 that a cabinet reshuffle was planned after the party won in the bypolls of two Assembly constituencies .

The chief minister then alluded to a reshuffle by dropping or inducting certain ministers.

Expansion or cabinet reshuffle should be a tightrope for Mr. Yediyurappa, given that there are too many aspirants.

Several lawmakers have openly declared their aspirations, and political hobnobbing is also taking place within BJP circles.

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Several candidates, including 8-time MP Umesh Katti, who had been sulking for some time about being denied a chance in the past, as well as the political secretary of chief ministers, MP Renukacharya, among others, have met with Yediyurappa for their incorporation into the cabinet.


Some deputies met with BJP state president Nalin Kumar Kateel on Thursday.

If Katti is inducted, the representation of the Belagavi district in the cabinet will increase to five and lawmakers in other regions are opposed and have reportedly pressured the leadership to drop one or two district ministers, if the principal legislator is inducted.

According to sources, some high-level deputies demanded that the old guard of the party, elected legislator, be successively inducted this time.

Meanwhile, Minister of Water Resources Ramesh Jarkiholi met with National Secretary General of BJP BL Santosh in New Delhi.

According to party sources, Jarkiholi lobbied for the Congress-JD (S) rebels who joined the BJP with him last year and helped the party come to power.

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Recently, BJP lawmakers met at the Jarkiholi residence and reportedly discussed the cabinet exercise.

Calling the meeting offhand, Mr Jarkiholi said: “I had also said earlier that those who sacrificed themselves and came (to the BJP) should not face injustice, but the CM and the leaders will take the final decision … we have made a request and we will comply with the party’s decision. “

While many of the old guard like Katti wait for a chance to be inducted into the ministry, Congress-JD (S) rebels like AH Vishwanath, R Shankar and MTB Nagaraj, who helped the BJP come to power and are now party MLCs also aspire to time slots.

According to the agreement, Mr. Yediyurappa will also have to save room for Munirathna, following his victory against Rajarajeshwari Nagar in the bypoll of November 3 and also for Pratap Gowda Patil who must win the Maski bypoll which has not yet been announced. .

The cabinet currently has 27 members and seven positions are still vacant.