Kate Garraway’s husband Derek Draper ‘comes home after year in hospital with Covid’


Kate Garraway’s husband has reportedly returned home after more than a year of hospitalization for Covid-19.

Former political adviser Derek Draper, 53, was admitted in March last year with symptoms of coronavirus, before being placed in a coma.

He was taken by ambulance to the couple’s north London home on Wednesday, according to The sun.

Draper has been removed from all machinery and respirators but will receive 24-hour care at the property, which Garraway has adapted in his absence to make it more accessible.

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ITV broadcast last month Find Derek, a documentary exploring Draper’s disease and its effects on their two children – daughter Darcey, 15, and son, 11, Billy.

He detailed their experiences during Draper’s disease and presented Hello Great Britain host Garraway, also 53, speaking to long-suffering Covid sufferers, NHS staff and other experts.

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One scene reminded him that Draper’s medics told him he was the most critically ill person they had seen and survived.

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In another, Garraway was seen preparing for his possible comeback by making their home wheelchair-friendly.

She suggested that they would have a “completely different dynamic” in their marriage when they were able to leave the hospital.

Garraway also publishes a book titled The power of hope, detailing the “raw and moving story” of her husband’s illness.

During the first lockdown, she posted weekly updates on Draper’s recovery to coincide with the weekly Clap For Carers.

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