Kauai launched a coffee and smoothie subscription service – here’s how much it costs


Diet Restaurant Kauai has launched a new subscription service that offers unlimited organic coffee for a month as well as a daily smoothie for 15 or 30 days.

Unlimited organic coffee subscription allows customers to redeem any short hot beverage every two hours for 30 days, up to 240 coffees over 30 days, for a subscription of R299.

A subscription for a small daily smoothie for 15 days costs R199, while a 30-day smoothie package costs R375, all available on the Kauai app.

“Innovation is a central tenet of our business, so we are delighted to be the first catering group to offer this subscription service in South Africa and one of the few to offer this type of subscription program. around the world, ”said Dean Kowarski, managing director of Kauai’s parent company, Real Foods.

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“We also understand that South Africans are looking for value in these tough economic times, so we have designed our subscriptions to provide exceptional value to our organic coffees and smoothies,” Kowarski said.

How it works

Subscriptions are purchased on the Kauai app, which can be downloaded from the Apple and Android app stores.

Customers receive a subscription voucher in the app, which shows how many coffees / smoothies have been used and how many are left.

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Orders can be placed at any of Kauai’s 150 stores, with customers simply scanning the app to redeem their drink. Customers can also order on the app for delivery or for in-store contactless collection, to help maintain social distancing.

Launch subscriptions are available until February 28, 2021, and more subscriptions are expected to launch soon.

Kowarski said the subscription model made business sense for the company.

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“Memberships create recurring revenue by giving customers another reason to visit Kauai and build loyalty by nurturing long-term relationships with customers. We anticipate that the acquisition of new customers will be fueled by subscriptions, ”he said.

Big American fast and casual food brands like Panera Bread have also launched some very successful subscriptions, with the chain reporting 850,000 customers signing up in the first few months.

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