Kayla Braxton Deactivates Her Twitter Account After Seeing “Disgusting Tweets” From Fans | TBEN


Kayla Braxton has fought COVID-19 twice last year. She first tested positive in early 2020 and then again in June.

Its first positive test for the virus returned in March, when the United States began to lock down after virus spikes. After testing positive again, she pointed out how people can catch the coronavirus again after having it the first time.

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At the time, she was harassed by people on social media and took a break from Twitter. WWE is facing a recent outbreak of positive COVID-19 cases as WWE Champion Drew McIntyre confirmed on Monday that he carried the virus.

Braxton took to Twitter on Monday and sent a message after being harassed on social media by people. Although she deleted the tweet, you can still see the screenshot. She wrote the following:

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“While I was at work tonight I got a call saying that someone very close to me died of covid. And while logging into this platform tonight, I noticed several disgusting tweets tagging me for making jokes about me when I had the virus earlier this year. FU * K you. “