KCSE 2022: Here are the top performing high schools [LIST]

KCSE 2022: Here are the top performing high schools [LIST]

Traditional big names in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examination (KCSE) recorded mixed results in the 2022 results announced on Friday 20 January.

Despite the Ministry of Education’s decision to eschew the ranking system and name the top individual performers, a review of the results found that some national schools faced stiff competition from provincial schools.

Here are four schools that performed exceptionally well in the 2022 KCSE exams;

Nyambaria High School – Nyamira

A photo of the main entrance of Nyambaria High School in Nyamira County.


Willy Abuga

Nyambaria High School in Nyamira County put on an impressive show after earning an average score of 10.9 in the 2022 KCSE exam.

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The school recorded a 100 percent transition to universities after all applicants achieved the minimum C+ grade required for enrollment.

28 candidates from the center scored the coveted A grade, while 383 of them scored an A-. According to the scoring form, the lowest candidate scored a B plan.

Cardinal Otunga Mosocho

Still in South Nyanza, Cardinal Otunga High School in Kisii County recorded an impressive grade point average of 10.76 in what was described as a stellar performance.

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28 candidates who took their national exams at the center scored an average of A, while 201 scored an A minus.

The lowest candidate scored a grade point average of B- (minus), ensuring direct university entry for the entire cohort.

St Anthony Kitale

Kitale’s St. Anthony High School was also among the top performers in the country after registering an average score of 10.33.

The school had 41 of its applicants score an average grade of A, while 148 scored an A-minus to brand its authority as a big name in secondary education.

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Mang’u High School

Mang’u High in Kiambu County also performed very well to maintain its status as a big name in secondary education.

The school had an average score of 10.36, which was a slight improvement on last year’s performance when the school achieved 10.28.

Furthermore, 81 candidates scored an A-flat while 192 received an A-minus grade.

Other notable achievements were recorded by Kapsabet Boys High School in Nandi County, which had an average score of 10.76, and Kagumo High School, which recorded an MSS of 9.58.

Mang'u High School administrative block.

Mang’u High School administrative block.