Kela introduces instant interpreting service for non-native speakers


The app-based service for mobile devices will be available at most Kela service points.

File photo. Image: Henrietta Hassinen / Yle

The Finnish social security institution Kela has announced the launch of an ‘instant interpreter’ service, which aims to help speakers of languages ​​other than Finnish or Swedish better handle their Kela-related business.

“Instant interpreting is a remote interpreting service where you get direct contact with the interpreter in a customer service situation without having to book in advance,” explains a press release, adding that customer service representatives will use instant interpreters via an app on a smartphone or tablet.

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The agency’s statement noted that the innovation is intended to be used in situations where the customer service representative does not share a common language with the customer, allowing them “to handle their Kela-related matters flexibly and quickly through a professional interpreter.” “.

The agency also encouraged clients who speak foreign languages ​​to complete Kela tasks in Finnish or Swedish as soon as their language skills allow them to do so. However, the instant interpretation will be available if a client’s language skills are not yet sufficient to handle complex matters in Finnish or Swedish.

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“It is also possible to handle Kela-related matters in English without interpretation,” the statement said.