Kenya Mpya Announces Mass Auction Of Buses At Ksh 4M


Social media was flooded on Monday 21 November with reports of Kenya Mpya Bus Company, a leading Matatu operator, auctioning off a fleet of buses with an average price tag of between Ksh2 million and Ksh4 million.

Speak against representative at the Kenya Mpya confirmed the auction, pointing out that it was the company’s decision to unload the buses to buy new ones.

The source also noted that the company was moving towards acquiring electric buses, stating that the project was still ongoing.

“Yes, we are auctioning the buses. The move is to unload the buses while we buy new fleets,” said the source.

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A fleet of Neo-Kenya Mpya buses



According to the representative, those interested in purchasing one of the buses are advised to physically stop by their offices located along the eastern ring road.

“We have a yard where we line up the fleet of buses and also trucks and show them to potential buyers,” said the source.

“In most cases, interested parties are flanked by an appraiser who estimates the value of the bus before negotiations begin,” the representative added.

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Go electric

Kenya Mpya, touted as the pioneer of electric matatu, unveiled plans for the project in June 2021.

At the time, Brian Chege, whose company Meta Electric was contracted by Kenya Mpya to map out the plan, revealed that they had conducted tests along Thika Road prior to the project launch.

“The first customer we have signed so far is Kenya Mpya, which I believe is the largest bus company in Nairobi. They are testing electric vehicles along their Thika-Nairobi route in hopes that they will even replace their buses in the future .

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“At the moment we have brought vans to the market, but we are also in the process of bringing buses and minivans,” he explained at the time.

According to Chege, the switch to electric had the potential to reduce fuel costs by up to 80 percent. However, he pointed out that the purchase of an electric car is 50 percent more expensive than one that runs on petrol or diesel.

Thika Road, Nairobi.  FACEBOOK

Thika Road, Nairobi. FACEBOOK


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