Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan tests positive for COVID, received first dose of vaccine on March 3


Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday April 8. Incidentally, he received the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine on March 3.

“I have been confirmed Covid + ve. I will be treated at Government Medical College in Kozhikkode. Ask those who have been in contact with me recently to do self-observation,” he wrote on Twitter.

According to the official statement, he is currently in his home village of Kannur and has no major symptoms. He will be transferred to Kozhikode University Medical Hospital later today, he also said.

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Chief Minister Veena Vijayan’s daughter and her PA son-in-law Mohammed Riyas tested positive two days ago.

Meanwhile, CM Vijayan had voted for the Kerala Assembly election in his hometown of Kannur on April 6. When asked if he would retain power, he said: “The writing on the wall was very obvious, from the moment the campaign started we were able to sense the mood of the people and the left will keep it. the power. “

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When asked if the Sabarimala temple issue would snowball on the DFL, he dismissed the possibility. “It’s not just Ayyappan alone, all gods support the left,” said Vijayan, who was accompanied by his wife Kamala Vijayan.

He said there was no doubt about the outcome of the polls, which they are sure to win by a better margin than in 2016.

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“We will close the BJP, which opened its account in the 2016 polls, by winning a seat. I have full confidence in the people and the people have also extended their full faith in the left government. I traveled all over the state and I could sense the mood of the people towards us, ”Vijayan said.



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