Kevin McCarthy’s GOP Agenda Rollout Is Disastrously Off the Air


House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy rolled out his agenda in Pittsburgh, where matters derailed amid guest comments.


One supposed mother ranted about Marxist concepts, saying, “There are many other public education issues related to parents like me. The slow creep of critical race theory, diversity, equality and inclusion, gender identity, and allowing biological boys to enter girls’ spaces and sports “Now we have SEL, which is social-emotional learning. It’s indoctrination disguised as initiatives like kindness programs, or anti-bullying programs, or diversity projects. These are all Marxist programs aimed at our children.”

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Did you know that anti-bullying is Marxist?

I think if we want to be real red-blooded Americans, by this mother’s definition, we need to separate the schools again because diversity is also Marxist.

Kevin McCarthy was there to talk about his string of empty promises about things he won’t do anything about, and instead got a dose of TBEN News/Newsmax-fueled madness.

McCarthy and two dozen House Republicans came to the Pittsburgh area because they wouldn’t actually set foot in the deep-blue city of Pittsburgh, to launch an agenda no one believes, and even those in attendance would rather rant about culture war conspiracies than talk about Kevin McCarthy’s solutionless agenda.

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So far, the House Republican rollout isn’t going well.


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