Kevin Owens has a funny explanation for changing his ring outfit | TBEN


Kevin Owens has achieved many goals in WWE so far as he has made the headlines in pay-per-view and won various titles.

However, Owens still wants to take his career to the next level, so he’s looking to take inspiration from John Cena, who is the same person who was Owens’ first opponent on the main roster while Owens was still the NXT champion. .

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Fans noticed Owens changing his ring outfit for a Survivor Series qualifier against Dolph Ziggler during this week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown in Orlando, Fla. At the Amway Center on FOX.

Owens was seen wearing jeans instead of shorts. Owens took to Twitter after the show and responded to a few fans. He wrote the following:

“One of the most successful wrestlers of all time has worn braces for most of his career. I try to do it subtly. First, I have been wearing shorts for years. Then I wear jeans for years. Then, one day, BOOM! JORTS! Except this way, no one notices anything wrong when I do it.

Following this victory over Ziggler, Owens will compete on the Men’s SmackDown team next month against Raw.

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