Kolkata: Violence envelops BJP’s protest march, leaders detained. 10 points


KOLKATA : As Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal, battles flooding in certain parts of the city after two days of incessant rainfall, roads around the 19th-century iconic Howrah Station became a war zone as Kolkata police tried to prevent the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Nabanna Cholo protest march.

BJP leaders including Suvendu Adhikari, Locket Chatterjee, Sukanta Majumdar were detained by police.

Why did the BJP protest in West Bengal?

The BJP had organized a protest march to Nabanna, the government building. The march was held to oppose the alleged corruption of the ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC) government, led by party chief and prime minister Mamata Banerjee.

These are the main points of this great story

-BJP had arranged seven trains, three from North Bengal and four from South Bengal, for supporters to participate in the ‘Nabanna Abhijan’ to be held on September 13.

– Buses transporting BJP workers to Kolkata were also stopped by police in Parganas in the north, according to party members. Supporters were also seen boarding boats to cross the Ganges River and reach Howrah to join the protest march.

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-BJP rioters brought in by special trains, boats for a protest march to Bangladesh secretariat turned violent after clashes with security officials

– Kolkata police had to fire water cannons, burst tear gas canisters and with lathi charges at the protesters after they threw rocks at them. Several images emerged of police using barricades to hold back the protesters.

-Traffic at Howrah Bridge was halted as the protest march disrupted normal business in the Howrah district of West Bengal.

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-BJP leaders, who took part in the rally, were detained by police along with their supporters from Hastings in Kolkata. BJP state president Sukanta Majumdar, party leader Agnimitra Paul and hundreds of activists held a sit-in in Howrah Maidan after police prevented them from proceeding to ‘Nabanna’ (state secretariat).

West Bengal opposition leader Suvendu Adhikari said Prime Minister Mamata Banerjee has “turned West Bengal into North Korea”. “Prime Minister Mamata does not have the support of her people and that is why she maintains a dictatorship, similar to North Korea, in Bengal. The police will have to pay for what she does. The BJP is coming,” he said.

– A Kolkata police vehicle was set on fire amid intense violence that erupted after the clash between police and protesters. It was reported that several protesters and police officers were injured in the fight. Protesters and officers were seen rushing to shelter as rocks were thrown and the water cannon fired.

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-Earlier in the day, a clash broke out between BJP workers and police outside Raniganj train station as workers left for Kolkata to join the march. Police have taken many workers into protective custody in Raniganj.

– The Supreme Court of Calcutta asked for a report from the Home Affairs Minister of West Bengal on today’s BJP Nabanna Abhijan. The HC has requested that the report be submitted on 19 September. The HC further instructed the police not to illegally detain anyone and also to ensure that there would be no damage to public property.

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