Kwarteng leads campaign for Anglesey nuclear power plant to help tackle energy crisis


A new nuclear power plant is planned in Wales as ministers grapple with the energy crisis.

The ministers are in talks with US energy company Westinghouse to develop a large-scale multibillion pound plant in Anglesey, according to a Times report.

If the green light is given, the new plant will have the capacity to supply more than six million homes with electricity.

The Wylfa plant, which could be operational by mid-2030, is proposed in addition to the Hinkley Point nuclear plant under construction in Somerset. A new reactor proposed at Sizewell in Suffolk is also in the works.

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The plan to build a factory in Wylfa collapsed last year after Japanese company Hitachi pulled out of the project.

The nuclear power surge comes amid the government’s phasing out of gas-fired power plants as part of its net zero goals. To achieve its target, the UK’s electricity system must be carbon-free by 2035.

Business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng is said to be the main advocate for the new Welsh factory.

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The plan also has the backing of Welsh Secretary Simon Hart, who argues the project would provide hundreds of jobs in the area.