Kyrgyz envoy Asein Isaev praises ‘hardworking’ administrator for SDC elections in Jammu and Kashmir

Envoy of the Kyrgyz Republic in India, Asein Isaev, who was part of the visit of foreign envoys last week, praised the administration “hard” for the elections to the District Development Council (DDC) in the territory of the Union of Jammu and Kashmir.

Speaking to WION, Asein said, “This visit has shown that the government has no hidden agenda for the J&K region. One of the best results of the administration’s hard work is the election of the DDC, which has never been possible before. And now it seems that the time is right to move away from a period of tension by the activity of the administration and the local population “

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Two envoys from Central Asia were present at the visit, the envoy from the Kyrgyz Republic and the envoy from Tajikistan. The lot had 24 sent with the largest group in Europe. This is the third visit of this type of foreign envoys to the territory of the Union last year, but the first of this year. This visit comes in the context of the SDC elections and the resumption of 4G broadband internet.

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The envoy was taken to Budgam, Srinagar and Jammu. In Budgam district, the envoys “participated in” Block Diwas, “a grassroots democratic awareness-raising initiative regularly organized by the local J&K administration,” the foreign ministry said in a statement. In Srinagar, the envoys had met with elected representatives of local urban bodies, district development councils, block development councils from all districts of the Kashmir division.

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