LAPD officers shoot dead man reportedly armed with pistol in Westlake


Los Angeles Police Department shot and killed a man allegedly armed with a handgun early Sunday morning in Westlak.

At about 3:20 a.m., officers were patrolling the intersection of Sixth Street and Rampart Boulevard when they saw a man with a gun, police said.

“When the officers made contact with him, there was a shooting,” said Bruce Borihanh, a spokesman for the Los Angeles Police Department.

The suspect, who police said was in his 20s but did not identify himself, ran north on Rampart and officers followed him on foot. They shot at him a second time and killed the man, police said.

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Police said a gun was recovered at the scene and video footage from cameras carried by the officers involved is under review.

It is not clear whether the suspect fired at officers, but there were no other injuries.

More information about how the interaction went would be released after an administrative inquiry, Borihahn said. The department also has a policy of releasing images from officers’ cameras within weeks of a police shooting.

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The police’s account could not be independently verified. Hours after the shooting, the area around the shooting was still cordoned off in the densely populated, largely immigrant community. Neighbors hung around the yellow police tape and several businesses remained closed. Street vendors who normally settled there moved a block away.

Steve Flowers, who lives around the corner, said he heard the shooting from his apartment.

“I hear the first two pops,” he said. “There was a pause and then I heard pa-pa-pa-pa.” He estimated that about seven shots had been fired in the second salvo of gunfire.

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Adriana Gonzalez said the gunfire woke her up. In the same way, she heard two first shots and then several others.

The area has seen a recent rise in crime, said LAPD Rampart Division Captain Raul Jovel. For the past few months, the LAPD has increased patrols in Westlake at night, he said.