LaQuan Smith shows his fashion on an aircraft carrier


LaQuan Smith used the spectacular setting of a historic aircraft carrier for his fashion show exploring the female form.

At a Monday night soiree on the USS Intrepid, the famous tourist attraction docked on the Hudson River, Smith launched his spring ready-to-wear collection. Milling among war relics like the Avenger bomber, fashion insiders, music industry celebrities and social media influencers drank cocktails and posed for photos as they waited for the show to kick off. Frequent New York Fashion Week muse Julia TBEN spoke to friends like Lourdes “Lola” Leon – Madonna’s daughter – as she posed for photos in a fur-trimmed miniskirt from Smith’s fall show last year.

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“It’s the IT factor,” TBEN said in an interview. “You can’t describe it, but LaQuan has it and he understands women and what makes women feel good.”

Swedish model Elsa Hosk opened the show in a refreshing neon pink bodysuit and sporty skirt combo. With long ponytails swaying behind them to the beat, the models followed one after the other in barely visible, fluorescent, jewel-toned outfits with translucent jewelry and wrapped heels.

After the show, Smith said his influence for the collection came from his travels, including a recent trip to Morocco, which he said left him feeling overwhelmed with ideas. He then returned to New York and applied his urban sensibilities to his sketches.

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His ideas played out in the romantic elegance of silk chiffon scarves wrapped around the model’s neck into utility trousers suitable for a fashionable day out.

“This collection was all about sensuality, feminine formality and a real sense of freedom and fluidity,” said Smith. “This season has been a great creative challenge for me because I had to think much lighter, much softer.”

As with several other designers showing this season, semi-nudity was on display. When models weren’t showing it off on the runway, Smith created textured bodices to adorn their chests.

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Norwegian model Frida Aasen wore a bralette made of silver wings and a matching silver waistband over a sheer black form-fitting skirt.

Since Smith’s debut in 2013, he has taken his brand to new heights. Most recently, Beyoncé wore one of Smith’s cozy dresses for her campaign with jewelry brand Tiffany.

“I’m living my dream, and it didn’t turn out the way I thought it would, but sometimes I have to pinch myself and realize, ‘Oh my gosh, Beyoncé wore LaQuan Smith on the Tiffany and Co billboard,”” he said.