Last generation: “Hate shows that we hit a nerve”


Climate protests in Germany

“The hatred shows that we hit a nerve”: How the climate apocalypticists of the “last generation” operate

They block roads and antagonize the citizens. A coolly calculated strategy is behind this, as a visit to the activists in Berlin shows. Attention is everything, collateral damage is accepted.

It is most delicate until the police arrive: activists of the “last generation” at a road blockade on November 7 in Berlin.

Filip Singer/EPO

The man on the stage is a veteran. “The climate catastrophe is happening now,” says Tim, but he doesn’t seem excited or panicked, rather focused. He has long known the numbers and dates he mentions by heart. Tim, a 26-year-old blonde with a ponytail, used to study economics in St. Gallen before becoming a political consultant in Berlin. The German says he is now a full-time activist.