Last migrant flight reportedly headed for Biden’s summer home


A jet thought to be carrying migrants from Texas to an airport near Joe Biden’s summer home in Delaware reportedly stopped – at least temporarily – in New Jersey, but that kept the threat of another Florida-backed immigration transport from arriving there. not like to cause ripples. American politics.

The day started Tuesday with reports that a charter plane was headed for the Georgetown Delaware Coastal Airport.

It was the same plane used last week in Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ plan to transport nearly 50, mostly Venezuelan, migrants to the small luxury destination island of Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.

The Delaware airstrip is near the president’s home in Rehoboth Beach.

public records showed that the state of Florida paid the airline nearly $1 million the day before the flight, and conservatives like Senator Ted Cruz have openly called for surprise flights for migrants to Rehoboth Beach.

At 8:40 p.m. eastern time, the plane, which departed Texas after hours of delay on Tuesday afternoon, stopped at a scheduled stop in Teterboro, New Jersey, according to publicly available flight data.

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The fate of the flight remains unknown, and Mr. DeSantis said on Tuesday “he can’t confirm the reports about the transport,” but even the threat of another surprising migrant dump spurred officials at all levels of government.

On the ground in Delawareofficials and social service providers in the Georgetown area prepared for an influx of migrants, working with the governor’s office, the Delaware Emergency Management Agency and the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services in coordination with local groups.

State officials said the governor’s office had not been notified of a flight from Texas or Florida.

The White House also said it helped coordinate planning.

“We are working closely with state officials and local service providers who are willing to welcome these families in an orderly manner in the pursuit of their asylum applications,” White House press secretary. Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters Tuesday.

Taking a more light-hearted tone, Biden joked about the flight to Delaware and urged Governor DeSantis to visit the state.

“He should come to visit, we have a beautiful coastline,” said Mr Biden told reporters on Tuesday when asked to comment on Mr. DeSantis’ latest move.

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At an event on Tuesday, Mr. DeSantis defended Florida’s controversial migrant flights even as… legal control of the plan mounts.

“The jurisdictions of sanctuaries must bear the brunt of the open borders,” the GOP governor said.

He also accused the Biden administration of driving record immigration, although Mr Biden has retained much of Donald Trump’s toughest border policiesand a variety of factors well beyond the White House are causing the spike.

“He inherited a border that didn’t look like that,” said Mr. DeSantis. “He has created a crisis.”

The White House fired back at the Florida governor on Tuesday, accusing him of abusing vulnerable people.

“If you think about what’s going on in Venezuela, if you think about what’s going on in Nicaragua, if you think about what’s going on in Cuba – they are fleeing political persecution for only the governor of Florida as political pawn to be used,” press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said.

The migrants aboard the Martha’s Vineyard flight sued Governor DeSantis Tuesday, calling the trip a “fraudulent and discriminatory plan” because it allegedly used false claims about immigration assistance and work permits to lure asylum seekers on board. (Mr. DeSantis has denied making false claims to or coercing migrants.)

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With immigration showing no signs of slowing down and Texas governors Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott both facing reelection races, the controversial migrant shipments are likely to continue.

“There will also be buses and there will probably be more flights,” Ms. DeSantis said Friday. “The legislature has given me $12 million. We are going to spend every cent of that to make sure we protect the people of the state of Florida.”

Abbott, whose “Operation Lone Star” has brought more than 10,000 migrants to liberal cities across the country, has also promised more of the same.

“Texas will continue to send migrants to refuges like Washington, D.C. until President Biden and border czar Harris stand up and do their job to secure the border,” he said. said in a statement last week.


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