‘Last Week Tonight With John Oliver’: Sky Cuts Host’s Queen Elizabeth II Jokes


EXCLUSIVE: UK pay TV service Sky has parts of Last week tonight with John Oliver last night about ironic remarks regarding the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Outraged viewers took to social media to wonder why two segments had been cut from the UK version of the HBO satire show following the death of the British royal family last Friday.

The comments in question came in a post-opening credits segment. During this, Oliver mocked several unexpected social media tributes to the Queen, such as cartoon characters The Crazy Frog and Dominos Pizza, saying: “Obviously we have to start with the UK, which is clearly still reeling from the shocking death of 96 year old woman from natural causes It’s a big moment this week and for some reason absolutely everyone felt like they had to wade through [it].”

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A few minutes later, Oliver responded to new British leader Liz Truss’ praise of profitable businesses by saying: “The nicest thing the Queen of England ever did for anyone was to die the week a woman became Prime Minister. For for at least a week she will not justly be destroyed for such answers.”

Neither joke was aimed specifically at the Queen, but TBEN understands that the broadcaster will not air Oliver’s comments on its UK and Irish platforms.

Sky declined to comment. A shortened version of last night’s episode is available this morning on Sky Go and streaming service Now TV. Neither HBO nor Last week tonight representatives could be reached in the UK this morning.

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Some of those who tweeted have provided a link to the unedited segment of the US show. One claimed similar cuts had been made to the show when Elizabeth’s husband, Prince Philip, died last year, though TBEN has been unable to verify that.

Last week tonight last night won its seventh consecutive late-night Emmy in the Outstanding Variety Talk Series category.

A debate has erupted in the UK over alleged censorship of those who want to downplay or criticize the monarchy while the nation mourns. Civil liberties groups, for example, have condemned the police’s response to anti-monarchy protesters in recent days after reports of strong weapons tactics surfaced.

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Here’s a selection of tweets about last night’s show.