Lasting solution in Kashmir is up to India and Pakistan, says UK


It is up to India and Pakistan to find a lasting solution in Kashmir, says UK. (Representative)


The British government reiterated its unchanged position on Wednesday that the situation in Kashmir remains a problem for India and Pakistan in order to find a lasting political solution to the issue.

Responding to a debate held in the Parliament House complex on the “political situation in Kashmir,” Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) Minister Nigel Adams stressed that he did not belong it is not for Britain to mediate a bilateral matter.

“Government policy [on Kashmir] remains stable, it is unchanged. We continue to believe that it is up to India and Pakistan to find a lasting political solution to the situation which takes into account the wishes of the Kashmiri people … as set out in the Simla Accord, “said Adams. , in his capacity as Minister for Asia.

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“It is not appropriate for the UK government to prescribe a solution or act as a mediator,” he said.

At the end of the debate held at Westminster Hall in the House of Commons, the minister referred to the democratic District Development Council (DDC) elections held in the region in December last year, this which Labor MP Barry Gardiner pointed out has attracted freedom and fair participation from more than 50 percent of the local electorate.

And, in response to questions raised by multi-party MPs regarding the revocation of Article 370, which led to the creation of Jammu and Kashmir as Union Territories in August 2019, the minister welcomed the release of politicians held in pre-trial detention; and reports of broadband restrictions. raised in the area.

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“We understand that some of these restrictions may have been relaxed, with broadband / internet partially restored with some access to social media. This is good news, but more needs to be done …” he said. he declares.


The debate, hosted by backbench MPs led by Sarah Owen of Labor, included the participation of multi-party British MPs, many of whom have a large constituency base from the Kashmir diaspora.

“The people of Kashmir deserve the opportunity to prosper and succeed, so more broadly we welcome the commitment the Indian government has made to the economic and social development” of Kashmir, Adams said.

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India has declared categorically to the international community that the repeal of Article 370 is its internal matter. He also advised Pakistan to accept the reality and stop all anti-Indian propaganda.

The Indian High Commission in London sought to point out that since last year a smart Wi-Fi project has brought high-speed internet access to the region and that despite threats of terrorist attacks, harsh weather conditions and the Covid-19 pandemic, historic SDC. the elections were concluded in December 2020.

“J&K has not only normalized since August 2019, but is in fact progressing on a positive trajectory of optimism and development in all sectors,” notes a fact sheet from the High Commission.

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