Latest news on coronavirus: Covid recoverers better protected than those who received the Oxford vaccine


TThe NHS has said it is working to ensure that as many organ transplants as possible can take place despite the forced closure of several transplant centers amid the Covid crisis.

A report published in The Independent says patients are missing out on potentially life-saving transplants as hospital intensive care beds are currently occupied by coronavirus patients.

According to a list provided to the PA News Agency by the NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT), 13 of the 68 facilities where various organ transplants are typically performed are currently fully closed.

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A small number of others are either suspended for up to 14 days, open only for certain patients, open only for “super urgent and urgent cases”, or partially closed – meaning closed to deceased people or living donations.

Affected facilities include Guy’s Hospital, West London Renal & Transplant Center and Royal Free Hospital in the capital, as well as Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, Addenbrooke Hospital in Cambridge and Belfast City Hospital.

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The Independent reported there had been a 21% year-over-year decline in the number of transplants performed in the NHS in 2020 due to the first two waves of the pandemic.

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