Launch of the Piaggio Ape e-City and e-Xtra Electric FX 3-wheel range 2021: what to expect


Piaggio India is set to launch the 2021 Ape e-City for the passenger segment and the company’s first electric three-wheeler for the freight segment, the Ape e-Xtra. Both will come with fixed battery technology.

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The Piaggio Ape e-Xtra will be the company’s first electric 3-wheeler for the cargo segment

Piaggio Vehicles Pvt. (PVPL) India is set to launch two electric three-wheelers tomorrow, February 23, 2021. While the first model is the Ape e-City 2021 for the passenger segment, the company is also launching its first three-wheeler electric. Wheeler for the cargo segment, the Ape e-Xtra. The two electric three-wheelers are part of the company’s new FX range, which basically stands for fixed battery technology. Compared to the existing Ape e-City, which comes with an interchangeable battery, the 2021 models will come with fixed batteries, and we were told that this was mainly due to customer demand.


Both, the Piaggio Ape e-City and the Ape e-Xtra are part of the FX range, which come with fixed batteries

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Now the existing Piaggio Ape e-City is powered by a 4.7 kWh lithium-ion battery and can deliver a range of around 70-80 km on a full charge. With the addition of the fixed dough model, we might expect better performance and battery life from the electric rickshaw. Features-wise, the electric three-wheeler receives a top-notch digital instrument panel, offering information such as charge status, drive modes, service alerts, economy mode and more. It also receives an automatic gearbox without gear or clutch, and doors for added safety. And all are likely to be selected. The model with the replaceable battery will also remain for sale.

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The existing Piaggio Ape e-City is powered by a 4.7 kWh lithium-ion battery and can deliver a range of around 70-80 km on a full charge.

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As for the all new Ape e-Xtra for the cargo segment, we expect the electric rickshaw will come with a bigger battery, offering more range, which will translate into better profitability for its customers. Technical details and other specifications will be announced at the time of its launch. We also expect Piaggo to offer a similar set of features with the electric cargo three-wheeler, which includes the digital dashboard, a gearless and clutchless automatic transmission, and doors for added safety. The electric Ape e-Xtra for the freight segment will come with a 6 foot deck area which can also be customized for the delivery segment. The vehicles will also be delivered with the telematics solution from the company Piaggio Connect.

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When launched, Piaggio’s electric two-wheelers will compete primarily with the Mahindra Treo lineup, which includes the Treo e-rickshaw for the passenger segment and the three-wheel electric Treo Zor for the freight segment. Both come with 48 volt batteries of various capacities.

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