Lauren Boebert’s advice to “be kind” was thrown in her face


Rep. Lauren Boebert’s advice to “be nice” backfired when social media users accused the Colorado Republican of not practicing what she preaches.

“Be nice. Don’t be ugly,” Boebert’s read tweet Wednesday afternoon.

Several users on Twitter responded to the five-word message by sending the advice back toward Boebert, including David Weissmana political commentator who describes himself as a “former Trump supporter”.

“Can you admit this [is] something you can work on yourself?” Weissman tweeted.

“I can admit it is something I need to work on. I think that would be a better approximation of you then [sic] masquerade as a saint.”

Actor Donnie Keshawarz mocked Boebert’s advice, replying, “Unfriendly Pot, meet Ugly Kettle.”

Jonathan Goldman, producer and showrunner at FreakMagnet Productions, added in response to Boebert, “Don’t try to say the right thing. You don’t have the practice.”

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Other users pointed to times when Boebert behaved “ugly” while in office, such as when she harassed President Joe Biden during his State of the Union address in March 2022.

“Are you yelling at the president during the State of the Union?” wrote author Robert Jon Andersonwho posted a photo of Boebert screaming during Biden’s speech.

“That’s kinda ugly,” he added.

Some conservatives championed Boebert, including the Republican and former Florida congressional nominee Lavern Spicer.

“And the comment that shows exactly how ugly looks,” Spicer wrote in response to Boebert’s tweet. “God, these people are miserable.”

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John Mattlandformer Republican congressional candidate in New York, also responded in defense of Boebert’s tweet, writing, “The left today only knows the negative way of life.”

“It’s their way or it’s COMPLETE implosion,” he added. “Just look at the reactions to this.”

Boebert has been one of the most vocal conservatives in the House since taking office in January 2021, including when the 118th Congress voted on the House’s next speaker. She was among the handful of Republicans who prevented Kevin McCarthy from getting enough votes to run into the 15th round.

While she has made some allies among fellow GOP members, including Florida Representative Matt Gaetz, Boebert recently had a split with one of her closest colleagues, Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene.

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Though the two congresswomen share their support for former President Donald Trump, Greene and Boebert fell out over McCarthy’s bid for speaker, and a report from The Daily Beast on Tuesday said the two engaged in a shouting match in a congressional bathroom during the vote.

In a podcast interview last week, Greene said the two lawmakers “have not really had a conversation” about their disagreement over McCarthy.

News week has contacted Boebert’s office for comment.

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