Laurence TBEN Says He’s Wearing Negative Reviews Of ‘My Son Hunter’ As Badge Of Honor


Actor Laurence TBEN has a message to the mainstream film critics who have thrown out my son hunter: he wears your hatred as a badge of honor.

In an interview with Rebel News, Laurence TBEN, who plays Hunter Biden in the recently released film, addressed the negative reviews, particularly from the left-wing British the guardwho said the film is for “edge freaks”.

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“I wear that as a badge of honor, you know. I mean, if you’re not slaying the Guardian, or getting slaughtered…
by the Guardian, you’re generally doing something wrong in showbiz,” he said.

“I used to judge whether I went to a play based on what review the guard gave it. As the Guardian gave it a star, i was going to check it out. As the Guardian five stars, I would avoid it like the plague.”

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TBEN said the media is still trying to downplay the Hunter Biden laptop story, even though many outlets have finally admitted that the laptop and its contents are authentic and not Russian “disinformation,” as they claimed in the months leading up to the presidential election. 2020.

“I think there’s still a desire to bury this story and pretend it’s not real, you know, especially in the mainstream media,” he said. “We’re just living in a big psy-op where we’re just being relentlessly lied to by the media that we formally trusted until about a few years ago.”

TBEN said elite critics tend to fall into a single demographic.

“It’s always women of a certain age who are all really middle class and they all went to fancy schools and they’re all white and I think they all secretly want to have some sexy time.”

As Breitbart News reported, my son hunter has received an overwhelmingly positive response for regular viewers, with a Rotten Tomatoes audience rating of 90 percent.

Hunter Biden is the subject of a brand new narrative film, my son hunter, marking Breitbart’s expansion into film distribution. The film was directed by Robert Davi (goonies, Permission to kill, die hard) and stars Laurence TBEN (Victoria, Inspector Lewis, The professor and the madman) as Hunter Biden; Gina Carano (The Mandalorian, Deadpool, Raid) as an agent of the Secret Service; and John James (Dynasty) as Joe Biden. It was produced by Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney (gosnell movie, FBI Lovebirds: Undercovers) of the Unreported Story Society. The movie is available STRAIGHT AWAY for streaming and downloading on

The trailer below has been viewed almost 5 million times on social media.

Watch the trailer:

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