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SINGAPORE – After Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong said on Monday (January 16) that most Singaporeans would like to work longer, provided they stay in good health, there were many comments online, most of which disagreed with his statement.

“Many people recognize that once they stop working, their health rapidly deteriorates,” he said, adding that work gives people “dignity and purpose.”

During a dialogue at the Singapore Perspectives Conference of the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) of the National University of Singapore (NUS), infectious disease expert Professor Paul Tambyah asked whether the Silver Support Package, which provides financial support to low-income elderly, can be improved .

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Prof Tambyah, also the chairman of the Singapore Democratic Party, asked: “Would anyone actually want to be operated on by a 70-year-old neurosurgeon? Or riding a bus driven by a 70-year-old bus driver?”

The DPM said the government will see what else it can do to care for those of the pioneer generation, as well as those now in their 50s and 60s. “We are thinking about strengthening our pension system and giving everyone peace of mind all the time,” he added.

There were many netizens commenting Mr Wong’s comments about working longer rather than retiring, which many seemed to disagree with. “Actually, I will stop working tomorrow if I can afford to retire,” one wrote.

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“There are other things in life than chasing the mighty dollar. Family, friends, traveling the world, hobbies, etc. You can’t enjoy any of these things when you’re broke. So you work. Until you die,” another wrote.

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One of them wrote: “Not by choice, but the reality is we can’t afford to retire.”

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People would “like to do more of the things they want to do if they could afford it,” agreed one commenter.

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One of them said that the “DPM is making a sweeping statement. It depends on how someone wants to live their retirement.”

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“Many ordinary citizens have (not) a choice. Do they?” asked one.

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One commenter opined: “Working beyond retirement age should be a person’s choice…be it for health or mental reasons…not because of the ridiculous cost of living!”

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Mr. Wong’s comments were also discussed on Reddit.


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