Legal Experts Explode Over Judge Cannon’s Horrible Ruling For Trump


Legal experts expressed their contempt and disgust when they called Judge Cannon’s ruling for Trump appalling.

Here’s George Conway on CNN:

Conway said:This statement is absolutely a disgrace. And I don’t think it will take much to topple it. Bill Barr told The New York Times that the original motion from Trump’s lawyers was a pot of sh*t, a pot of sh*t. This opinion is worse than that.”

Barbara McQuade pointed out that Cannon rejected the idea that classified documents are actually classified, Instead, she rejected that argument completely. And I even said something that I found really disturbing, which is the fact that these documents have classified marks doesn’t mean they’re classified. She also rejected an uncontested affidavit filed with the FBI’s director of counterintelligence. There is no evidence to the contrary to suggest that what he is saying is incorrect when he says that the criminal investigation is inextricably linked to the national security assessment.”

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Video from McQuade:

Glenn Kirschner tweeted:

Joyce Vance tweeted:

The consensus among legal experts is strong that Judge Cannon’s ruling was terrible or worse. The ruling should be quashed on appeal, but it goes to the 11th Circuit where the majority of the judges were appointed by Trump.

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As the nation has seen for years, many Trump-appointed judges have no qualms about ruling against the former president, so it may not matter that he appointed them, but what Judge Cannon has done is the author of one of the worst verdicts in recent US judicial history.