Level 4 lockdown: what would be the rules and what areas of the UK could be affected?


What are the current level 3 restrictions?

  • Pubs and bars must close and can only remain open where they operate as if it were a restaurant – which means serving hearty meals, such as a main meal at lunchtime or in the evening . They can only serve alcohol as part of such a meal
  • Wedding receptions are not allowed
  • People should not meet anyone outside of their home or support the bubble in an indoor or outdoor setting, either at home or in a public space. The ‘rule of six’ applies in open public spaces, such as parks and beaches
  • People should try to avoid traveling outside of the “ very high ” area they are in or entering a “ very high ” area, other than for things like work, education, access to services for young people, to fulfill their family responsibilities or if they are in transit.
  • People should avoid spending the night in another part of the UK if they live in a ‘very high’ area, or avoid spending the night in a ‘very high’ area if they live elsewhere
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Nottinghamshire will move to the highest level on Friday 30 October and the Department of Health has said it has agreed new measures with local leaders alongside pre-existing Level 3 rules.

This means that all hospitality venues in the region, including cafes and restaurants, can only remain open to offer hearty meals, or have to travel to operate only a delivery and take-out service.

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Betting shops, car shoe sales and auction houses are to close, as well as tattoo, tanning and manicure parlors and piercing services. Leisure and sports facilities, including gymnasiums, may remain open.

Matt Hancock said: “We have seen infection rates rise sharply in Nottinghamshire, and working closely with local leaders, we have agreed on a package of local measures to stop this virus in its tracks.

“I understand how difficult life is under these restrictions and the impact they have on families and businesses, but we never take these decisions lightly.

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“I want to thank the local leaders for their continued support and express my gratitude to the people of Nottinghamshire who have shown real resilience, constantly working together to follow the rules and help reduce infection rates.

Under a separate tier system created by the Department of Education, all educational institutions, including primary schools and early childhood institutions, would be closed.

When will level 4 restrictions come in?

Matt Hancock did not decide anything inside or outside when asked about upgrading to a possible Level 4 on October 26, but it is believed that new restrictions could be introduced in parts of the country from November.