Lindley Towers owner doesn’t show up at town hall for week after partial building collapse in Logan


PHILADELPHIA (TBEN) — It’s been nearly a week since part of a… Philadelphia apartment building collapsed, forcing 100 people to be evacuated. Many now live in shelters.

They hoped to get some answers on Tuesday during a meeting with the owner of the building, but the owner did not show up.

In Logan on Tuesday night, about a block from Lindley Towers where up to 100 residents were displaced, a town hall slated to tackle crime in the area was forced to also deal with a housing crisis for those affected.

“I haven’t been able to go to work,” said Latoya Heard, a resident of Lindley Tower. “They haven’t been to school. It’s bouncing back and forth. I’m not driving now. It’s, literally, I know I can’t swear in front of the camera, but it was hell.”

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Heard has two daughters, ages 11 and 3. They spent the past week until Tuesday at Samuel Fels High School.

“We had to leave the gym today and they put us in these unsuitable shelters today,” Heard said.

She came to City Hall on Tuesday evening hoping for answers.

“They don’t even know when they’re going to open the building,” Heard said. “They didn’t even have someone come over and say, ‘Hey, this is what needs to be done.'”

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Speaking at City Hall, Ralph DiPietro, the city’s licensing and inspection commissioner, said the building’s owner, SBG Management — who confirmed their presence at the 9th district but failed to show up — hired a reputable engineering firm to begin work. the assessment of Lindley Towers on Wednesday.

“We won’t know until the structural assessment is complete,” DiPietro said. “We do not know.”

Meanwhile, the city’s Office of Emergency Management told TBEN Philadelphia: “Lindley Towers Property Management is working directly with tenants on transition options. Anyone in the city’s immediate care at the Fels shelter will have been given an option to stay somewhere safe.” .”

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Heard says that’s not what she saw.

“There are people who couldn’t even be placed in the shelter today,” she said. “So people, kids and stuff, won’t have a place to lay their heads tonight.”

Residents of Lindley Towers go to bed on Tuesday with no clear expectation of when they can return to their homes.