Lisa Rinna says ‘RHOBH’ stars Garcelle Beauvais and Sutton Stracke should “show up and work” after her departure


Lisa Rinna leaves The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after eight seasons on the show and wonders who’s going to “do the job” and move storylines around like she did. The Days of our lives alum predicts Garcelle Beauvais and Sutton Stracke “will have a hard time” in Season 13.

“I think Sutton and Garcelle are going to have a hard time because they’re going to have to show up and have to work,” Rinna told Interview.

Rinna continued, “I put in a lot of work. Because I’m a worker bee and I just do it. I will say it. I have no fear. When you are so loved, you don’t want to do the work. So who’s going to do the work there? That’s my question. Who does the work? Who’s going to say, “I heard you say this about me.” Who’s going to do that? You tell me. Who’s going to do that there?”

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The soap star commented that Kyle Richards “just wants to be liked too much” and doesn’t think she’d get up to be nosy, adding: “I love her but I say that to her face. She makes too worried about what people think of her.”

Rinna doesn’t think the rest of her now former castmates care much and wonders “what’s going to happen in there” now that she’s gone.

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Of Crystal Kung Minkoff, Rinna said, “She’s too young, by the way. I’ll give Crystal the benefit of the doubt and say she’s too young. You have to be a more hardened bitch like us to do this show. She’s like a baby dolphin and we’re sharks.”

Rinna said that both Beauvais and Stracke are “sharks” saying that “they just need to be who they really are. They are, but they just need to let go of the facade they’ve created.”

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The former RHOBH star doesn’t think producers should bring a housewife from the past and thinks they might get a “great wild card or an unknown”. However, if they start filming season 13 and ‘worse gets worst and they don’t have anything to film for five weeks or six weeks, they should call Brandi [Glanville].”


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