List of meeting requests grows, now posted quarterly – TBEN


Earlier this month, on Thursday April 1, 2021, published by the TBEN, LARC (List of Permitted Racket Blankets) posted a count of 1,667; this means that if you want to experiment, change a sheet on a weekly basis, for now it should be fine for the next 32 years!

By changing the coating of the racket there has also been another change, a change in tradition.

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Previously, LARC was published twice a year; this policy dates back to the previous century, even before the fax machine when everything was printed, the typewriter was at its peak and delivery was by post.

Now, in order to provide more flexibility and allow manufacturers to announce new products, the list of approved racket coverings will be published four times a year, every quarter. On the first day of the month the key date, in addition to April, the list will be released in July, October and January.

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In addition, from Thursday April 1, 2021, manufacturers will be able to offer racquet coverings in pink, purple, green and blue; the official authorization will take place from Friday, October 1, 2021.


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