Liz Truss promises ‘never again’ on exorbitant utility bills


The abolition of green taxes on energy bills – a promise from Ms Truss’s Tory leadership campaign – is expected to be confirmed on Thursday.

The Prime Minister also indicated on Wednesday that he wanted to help households that depend on heating oil for fuel.

The Telegraph has learned new details about Ms Truss’ plans to increase the UK’s energy supply in the medium term.

The moratorium on fracking, in effect since 2019, will be lifted on Thursday, giving companies the green light to apply for planning permission to drill for shale gas in the UK.

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Implementing the change could be done with a written ministerial statement to parliament rather than full legislation, meaning the lifting of the ban will come into effect soon.

On Wednesday evening, a fracking industry source predicted that applications for construction permits for new drilling would be filed within weeks of the ban being lifted.

While Ms. Truss has said that local communities should support such programs, fracking companies will offer a 25 percent discount on their energy bills as an incentive. The impact on energy supply can be improved if rules on land use planning, environmental permits and seismicity are relaxed.

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The Prime Minister will also express his support for more oil and gas drilling in the North Sea, with possible regulatory changes to speed up the process.

She told an SNP MP in the House of Commons on Wednesday: “I want us to start using more of our UK energy supply, including more North Sea oil and gas and nuclear power in Scotland. I hope I can count on the SNP’s support for that.” to calculate.”

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Ms Truss said she will “ensure people can pay their energy bills, while addressing long-term supply issues to ensure we are energy resilient and never find ourselves in this position again”.