Love Island SPOILER: Things get heated when the islanders lock lips during a steamy beer pong challenge


Love Island SPOILER: Things heat up in the villa as the islanders lock lips during a steamy beer pong challenge

On Thursday night’s episode, things will kick up a notch at the Love Island mansion as the islanders take on a steamy challenge.

The singletons will go head-to-head in a game of non-alcoholic beer pong where they dare to lock lips with islanders of their choice.

New bombs Zara and David get a chance to lay their cards face up as they give some kisses throughout the game, while existing couples get shuffled.

During the game, which mixes challenges and beer pong, Tanyel goes first and dares to kiss the islander who she thinks is boyfriend material.

While she could kiss Kai, the beauty could also give Ron a hug as she is about to explore their connection in the episode.

Anna-May is then challenged to make out with the islander she loves most, and with the spark that seems to have died down between her and partner Haris, she could be ready to ruffle some feathers with her choice.

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Meanwhile, new bombshell Zara dares to kiss both cheeks of the islander she believes to be the most two-faced, after just a day at the villa.

And while newcomer David gets the chance to kiss someone he likes, Shaq gets to kiss someone in the place where he prefers to be kissed.

But it looks like the game could spark the first bout of drama among the new islanders, with some reluctant to recap the night’s events later on.

Love Island returned to ITV2 this week with a new winter series set in Cape Town, South Africa.

Producers will no doubt hope that the drama will attract more viewers, when Wednesday’s episode averaged just 900,000 viewers.

It follows a disappointing launch show that attracted an average of just over 1 million TV viewers when new presenter Maya Jama made her debut and a new group of bachelors got out.

In the first episode of the winter series, an average of 1.2 million viewers saw the newest batch of islanders enter the South African villa, according to nightly figures.



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