Love Island viewers are in hysterics over Will’s bizarre dancing


Love Island fans have reacted with surprise to some of the dance moves seen in episode two.

The popular ITV2 reality show kicked off its winter series on Monday (January 16), introducing a new roster of contestants looking for love.

Tuesday’s episode picked up where episode one left off, with the contestants lounging outside amid the arrival of the series’ first bombshell, Tom.

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At one point, Will is seen performing an enthusiastic but somewhat funny-looking dance, much to the amusement of the other islanders.

Viewers flooded social media with their reactions to the dancing, which can be seen in a clip below.

“Someone needs to teach Will dance, whatever,” one person wrote.

“I’m dying wtf is this dancing William,” another joked.

“Will stop dancing please, I can’t take it anymore,” someone else commented.

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One viewer compared the dancing to “a nine-year-old in a disco”, while several people compared it to the dance moves of Simon Bird’s character in the Channel 4 cringe comedy. The intermediaries.

For a full list of this year’s winter participants Love IslandClick here.

In her review of the series premiere for TBEN, Elise Bell wrote, “These early episodes are boring. The format is a bit tired and outdated at the moment.

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“And yet this is it Love Island at its purest, before the fights and the mess, before Women’s Aid has had to make a statement about someone’s behavior on screen, or grown men sucking a breast live on TV.

Love Island continues daily on ITV2 at 9pm.