Ludacris’ manager charged with murder in shooting that injured him


Music entrepreneur Chaka Zulu, the longtime manager of rapper Ludacris, was charged with murder in a shooting in which he was injured in June, Atlanta police said on Saturday.

Zulu, 52, whose first name is Ahmed Obafemi, surrendered himself in a Fulton County jail on Tuesday, Atlanta police said in a statement.

He was booked and tied up the same day after being charged with murder, aggravated assault, possession of weapons during certain crimes and simple battery, police said.

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Record producer Chaka Zulu browses material created by his artists to upload to YouTube on September 2, 2008 in Atlanta. (John Amis/TBEN, file)

Zulu’s attorney, Gabe Banks, said in a statement Saturday that his client had been attacked by four people at his company that night and “had every right to defend himself”, so “he lawfully laid down his weapon in self-defense”.

Mr. Zulu was attacked and jumped from behind by a gang of at least four (4) people (sadly including the deceased) and was forced to defend himself after this gang repeatedly punched, punched and kicked him as he lay on the ground in a defenseless stance,” said Banks.

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His lawyer said Zulu, who is still recovering from a shot in the back, was licensed to carry the weapon and cooperated fully with the police.

Zulu is disappointed with the police’s conclusion and is confident he will be acquitted of the charges, Banks said.

Police did not say why Zulu was charged with the deadly shooting.

Atlanta-based NBC affiliate WXIA reported that authorities initially believed Zulu was a victim.

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Police said Zulu and two other men were shot on June 26 at a location WXIA described as outside a strip mall. One of the men died in hospital, according to police. He was identified in police records as Artez Benton.

The Zulu and Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges record label, which was founded in the 1990s, did not immediately alarm Peace Records to a request for comment.

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