M1 and Amazon Web Services launch Maxine, an AI VoiceBot, for customer service


M1 and Amazon Web Services launch Maxine, an AI VoiceBot, for customer service

M1 is collaborating with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to launch Maxine, an AI VoiceBot for M1 hotlines. Built on Amazon Login, AWS’s cloud-based contact center platform, M1 aims to improve the customer service experience.

Maxine is powered by AI technologies from AWS, including advanced technologies speech and language processing, allowing the VoiceBot to have more realistic qualities. M1 technology also plays a role, with the Logon protocol join improve the quality of every call.

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And according to M1, it works.

With the rollout of Maxine late last year, M1 says the company’s Net Promoter Score, a metric used to measure customer loyalty and satisfaction, increased by 40% in December 2021, compared to to December 2020.

This is largely due to some of Maxine’s advanced features compared to regular calling bots. These include authenticating callers with a one-time PIN code, as well as giving customers a queue number and estimated wait time, clarifying these responsibilities so call center agents calls can handle other urgent tasks.

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Because Maxine is cloud-based, M1 hopes to roll out and deploy more features for the VoiceBot over time. M1 also says it’s part of their effort to become a digital platform, an effort that launched earlier in 2021. Individualization, automation, and cloud-native applications were among the benefits M1 had in mind for customers after its rebranding, so Maxine fits in perfectly in these efforts.

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The company is also moving its customer service infrastructure to Amazon Services. It already operates its bespoke, commercial and prepaid hotlines on Amazon Connect, and will soon be moving its other hotlines to the cloud platform.

Additionally, as part of the Keppel group of companies, M1 provides support to group companies wishing to switch to Maxine, such as Keppel Electric.



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