Macomb Co. delivers “one, two blows” to cheat school threats


MACOMB COUNTY (TBEN DETROIT) – Nearly 50 people in Macomb County have been accused of making such threats, a 50 percent increase from last year. Macomb County is committed to helping parents and students understand that these menacing threats have dire consequences.

“Today two or three schools are closed, when will it end?” Macomb County Prosecutor Peter Lucido said.

And so Lucido implements what is called a “one, two punch” to curb the ongoing hoax threats targeting schools.

“Parents really need to step up their game or they’ll be responsible for their kids’ actions,” Lucido said.

In 2021, he charged 25 people with making such threats, 47 so far this year, including a 13-year-old who allegedly threatened to shoot down three schools in Warren and Sterling Heights.

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In Macomb County, law enforcement enters the classroom to let students know they could face a slew of charges for making a false threat.

– communicating a threat of terrorism, a crime of 20 years

-reporting a bomb threat, a 4-year felony

–malicious use of an electronic device, a 6 month felony

– threatening violence against a school employee or student, a one-year felony

Lucido plans to make their parents suffer the consequences as well.

“If they’ve talked to them and they’re still going to break the law, parents, you’re going to have to pay out of pocket,” Lucido told TBEN Detroit. “There are ordinances that are currently being changed, in the councils to make them accountable to police, fire and the ministry when the DPW goes out. What I’m going to tell everyone is, I think the schools should go ahead and the expenses and the costs payback for the school when it comes to paying back the school, because why would taxpayers who didn’t break the law let it come out of their pockets?

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In addition to making them pay, Lucido will hand out a “hero prize” when a student or staff member reports a threat to the school.

The recipient’s will remains anonymous, as does the 855-OK2SAY hotline.

“And after you call the number, it’s anonymous. After we stop this, students help themselves so they don’t have to stay in school an extra day, or two or three or more in the summer, when they’re already out of school got it,” said Lucido.

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