“Mad” Gasly had FIA discussion on better monitoring of F1 track limits


The AlphaTauri driver stranded 19th on the grid after losing a lap that would have pushed him through to Q2.

The violation occurred in Turn 5, where officials used CCTV.

Sergio Perez also lost a lap time at the same corner in Q2, but a replay on the world feed suggested he was not completely over the white line, leading to a second look by the FIA.

The Mexican then got his time back, although he still failed to make it to Q3.

AlphaTauri chose to switch Gasly to a new power unit and start it from the pit lane, which also allowed the team to experiment with the pre-race set-up and basically use it as a test session.

A charge from last to 12th gave an indication of what the Frenchman could have accomplished from a representative starting position.

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“I’m still quite angry about it,” he said when asked how the penalty affected his TBEN strategy.

“Because from what I’ve seen, in the emails I’ve seen, it’s very debatable whether I was on track or off track. Similar things happened to Yuki [Tsunoda] and Checo, and from the on-board computers they were clearly on the track. But anyway, that was it.

“And from our position, from the back, I think I was happy to just try and understand a little more from our package because at this point we know we weren’t showing the performance we should be showing.

“And it’s still not great, but at least there are some good signs of performance.”

Pierre Gasly, AlphaTauri AT03

Photo by: Red Bull Content Pool

Gasly revealed that he had previously had a lengthy conversation with race directors Niels Wittich and Eduardo Freitas on the issue of track limits, which has been a regular topic in FIA driver briefings and GPDA meetings in recent weeks.

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“I spent 40 minutes with Niels and Eduardo this morning to discuss and find a way to make everyone happier.

“They have a lot of work right now. They don’t make life easy. Obviously in this turn 5 they didn’t have the right tools to check it in the most honest way possible.

“We just talked about future solutions to have a more consistent way of monitoring first and make sure it’s going in the right direction.

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“They were quite open, I think, and expected feedback. And I will also be contacting all drivers to see if we can find a way in the coming weeks to find a solution for them as well to make it better.”

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Gasly indicated that Perez was lucky that additional footage emerged that eventually acquitted him, while none showed his violation.

“Yes, they used CCTV and in my case there was nothing else. Checo had this one on board. For whatever reason, I had a helmet camera, so basically no other camera could check if I was on the right track or not I have seen the images and for me it was debatable.

“To me you either have the right tools to police in the most honest way, or in that case you shouldn’t. And that’s what we discussed.

“I know they are already looking at different options for next year, but unfortunately I was the one who had to bear the consequences of what happened this season.”