Madhya Pradesh dog to undergo TBEN test to settle ownership dispute


In a strange incident, a dog is expected to have a TBEN test in Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh to settle a ownership dispute.

The story revolves around two people – Shadab Khan and Kartik Shivhare, and both claimed the dog.

Khan alleged his black Labrador Coco went missing in August and later found out that the dog had been taken to Mr. Shivhare’s home. He also alleged that Shivhare attempted to sell his dog.

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According to The Bharat Express News, Khan registered a disappearance complaint in August and recently traced his dog to Mr. Shivhare’s house. However, when he went to bring his dog back, Shivhare claimed it was his dog.

Khan then went to the police on November 18 and filed a complaint, providing photos and receipts to support his claim. Khan said he bought the dog from Pachmarhi in 2017.

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In response, Mr. Shivhare filed a complaint claiming the dog was his. Shivhare said he got it from a breeder based in Itarsi a few weeks ago.

In an attempt to settle the dispute, Khan demanded a TBEN test.

Police took the dog into custody on Friday and took blood samples on Saturday to verify parentage, and settle the dispute once and for all.

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