Magoha lashes out at the professor who kicked the candidate out of the exam room


Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha urged the Teachers’ Service Commission (TSC) to punish a deputy headmaster of a Kitui County elementary school responsible for a candidate for the Kenya Certificate of Teaching primary missing an exam.

Magoha expressed disappointment at the action which saw the student miss a paper after being kicked out of the room.

“I would like to inform the nation that there was a very unfortunate incident in Kitui where a child was taken out of the examination room and sent home. We hope that the teacher who had the audacity to make this child miss the English composition paper will be severely punished by the Teachers’ Service Commission, ”he said.

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Speaking in Kisumu on Thursday, April 8, Magoha assured that the ministry would follow up and that the student would be graded based on the papers he was sitting on.

KCPE students before taking a test


“You remember His Excellency the President ordered that any child who comes to the examination center be allowed to take the exam. All other things can be discussed later,” he added.

The student who attends Kaunguni Primary School in Waita, central Mwingi, was removed from the examination room for an unpaid fee of ksh 400 for the school feeding program.

The fee covers a meal of githeri during the three days set for national exams.

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The vice-principal asked the student who lives with his grandmother seven kilometers from school to collect the money during the lunch break with two others.

He had already taken math and English lessons and had to sit on a composition paper that afternoon. Unfortunately, when he returned to school, the diary was over.

1,066,986 candidates took the KCPE exams which ran from March 22-24, 2021. Earlier this week, Magoha said exam results would be released in two weeks. He further added that the marking of multiple choice articles was complete with English composition and Kiswahili Insha articles still ongoing.

“We had a schedule and in the next two weeks the results will be released,” he said. he urged all principals to allow applicants who have overdue fees to sit for the KCSE exams.

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The SC also highlighted the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic as some examiners were unable to show up for marking due to Covid-19 restrictions in Nairobi and four other counties (Kiambu, Machakos, Kajiado and Nakuru) which have collectively been labeled as a disease infected area.

Magoha, however, noted that this does not interfere with the timing of national exams.


Nancy Macharia, CEO of the Teachers’ Service Commission, addresses the media in January 2020 in Nairobi



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