Major Garrett: MAGA GOP ‘Unlucky’ Lost Trump Drags US Democracy Down


TBEN News chief Washington correspondent Major Garrett said on TBEN’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday that MAGA Republicans who were “unlucky” when former President Donald Trump lost the 2020 election was dragging American democracy down.

Anchor Margaret Brennan asked, ‘How dangerous is the moment we are in?

Garrett said, “It feels more dangerous, Margaret, than I’ve ever encountered in national-level political coverage since 1990. David and I were supposed to write this book, but we didn’t want it to. To make it clear what happened in 2020, it was not a fraudulent election. No crime has been committed. That doesn’t mean you have to be happy with the outcome, but one of the burdens of democracy is that if you’re not happy with the outcome, it’s your duty to win the next election, not to unjustifiably slander the election you reasonably believe. lost . And we now have a strand of American politics that wants to slander an election that was pretty much lost because they’re unhappy. And that accident does not give you the right to bring down American democracy, because as Margaret, we are entering a phase in American life where one of the political parties refuses to accept a fair and verified election simply because they lost, then we will dismantle democracy piece by piece before our very eyes. And that’s what I am, where we’re driving when we talk about the upcoming contours of not a bloody civil war, but a procedural civil war in which we separate ourselves from another and the Union, the United States itself, little by little begins to split. .”

He added: “I have spoken to many Trump supporters who have no coherent or explainable idea of ​​how the election was stolen. They just feel that something is wrong, and by articulating that something was wrong there – that is an act of allegiance to former President Trump, which is very important to them, and their own political identity. And they won’t abandon the former president just because some nagging journalists like me, or an electoral law expert like David, suggest they should. That loyalty to Trump and Trumpism, I believe, is a rallying point for the idea that there was something fundamentally wrong with the 2020 election, even if they can’t explain exactly what that thing was. They don’t want to part with former President Trump, and they don’t want the movement that inspired them to disappear. That’s why they stay here, even if they can’t routinely explain why.”

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