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SINGAPORE — A recent survey by international research data and analytics group YouGov found that most Singaporeans are satisfied with government performance. A YouGov survey released on Wednesday (Jan. 11) found that most respondents (57 percent) are satisfied with the way things are going. At the same time, a quarter expressed the opposite sentiment.

For generations, baby boomers, or those born between 1946 and 1964, were the happiest with the current state of affairs (67 percent), while 50 percent of millennials, those born between 1981 and 1996, were the smallest portion of the citizens who shared the same sentiments. Gex Xers, or those born between 1965 and 1980, were more likely to report being unhappy at 27 percent.

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The survey showed similar trends when respondents were asked about government performance. Nearly six in ten were very or largely satisfied (57 percent), while a third were dissatisfied (37 percent). Two-thirds of baby boomers were positive about government performance.

Respondents were asked how they thought the government performed based on a range of characteristics, such as law and order, with 32 percent saying it performed excellently and 45 percent saying its performance was good.

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Other areas where respondents said the government was doing well were public health and economic management, with more than half rating them positively.

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Mid-range features included environment and climate change, equal opportunities and immigration.

Meanwhile, cost of living and housing affordability were the areas where the largest share of Singaporeans said they were treated poorly, at 39 percent and 37 percent respectively.

“For the most part, the areas that citizens hoped the government would pay more attention to matched the characteristics that were rated the worst,” YouGov noted.

Nine in ten said more needs to be done to tackle living costs (66 percent), followed by three in five who said so for housing affordability (66 percent). Just over two in five want more attention on jobs (45 percent) and public health (41 percent), while a third say more needs to be done in the area of ​​economic management (33 percent).

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Across the generations, Generation Xers probably said more needed to be done to address the cost of living, while housing affordability was the number one concern among millennials.

The survey consisted of 1,045 Singaporean citizens who were interviewed between December 14 and 18, 2022. /TISG

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