Makoto Shinkai’s ‘Suzume’ Earned 1.88 Billion Yen in First Three Days


Makoto Shinkai’s latest anime movie earned 1.88 billion yen in its first three days, surpassing Shinkai’s previous films.

specifically, Suzume sold 38.7% more tickets and had 47.4% more box office revenue compared to your name released in Japan in 2016.

Considering how your name went on to dominate the Japanese box office and was successful internationally, these opening numbers are clearly remarkable.

The 1.88 billion yen is also about $13.39 million at the current exchange rate, but that is very misleading as the yen is currently very weak.

That aside, just looking at the internal Japanese numbers for from Suzume opening weekend, it’s an impressive start, even for a new Shinkai movie.

Of course, the movie is coming west next year and it will be very interesting to see how it performs.

your name did really well internationally, so there’s no reason why Suzume couldn’t do so well outside of Japan.

The premise for the movie is also interesting, it’s about magical doors that need to be closed to prevent disasters in Japan.

The animation also looks positively opulent and Radwimps again take care of the music.

Feel free to watch the trailer (see below), which also has English subtitles.

If you’re curious about the song playing in the background, it’s also mentioned Suzume and features the singer Toaka.

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