Malin Andersson takes the car for a ride in skinny leopard-print underwear


‘Thong problems’: Malin Andersson is the queen of body confidence as she drives off in nothing but her leopard print UNDERWEAR

She regularly takes to social media to advocate for body positivity.

And Malin Andersson proved she was still comfortable in her own skin on Thursday as she left for an afternoon in the car with nothing but her leopard print underwear.

The former Love Island star, 28, sat behind the wheel in the racy matching set and sailed with her sunglasses covering her eyes.

Body confident: Malin Andersson proved she was comfortable in her own skin on Thursday when she drove in the afternoon with nothing but her leopard print underwear

Listening to the Ting Tings’ hit song Shut Up and Let Me Go, the old reality then stopped the car to the beat and whipped his glasses.

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Hopping out of the car to expose her bare butt to the camera, Malin began to twist in pain as she revealed to the sights that her pants were far from comfortable.

“Thong issues,” the influencer wrote alongside the hilarious video.

Malin’s cameraman then threw a sheer black dressing gown at her, which she grabbed and shrugged over her shoulders before walking into the house with her slippers on.

'Thong problems': Love Island star then jumped out of the car and revealed from her point of view that her pants were far from comfortable

‘Thong problems’: Love Island star then jumped out of the car and revealed from her point of view that her pants were far from comfortable

The video comes after the former Love Island star took to Instagram on Wednesday to share her eating disorder issues with her followers.

In a long caption, she wrote: ‘No one will understand what is on your mind when all you want to be is skinny. Nothing else matters.

“ I was 18 and about a size 6. I had just had 6 weeks of intense training while surviving on 600 to 800 calories a day – I had brain fog, I could never concentrate, I was sometimes felt delusional and most sadly I felt very lonely.

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“ The problem is, no one has ever noticed it … and I understand that it is not nobody’s responsibility either – I just think … that all of these flights that I have taken where I wouldn’t eat but only drank black coffee … Constant trips to the bathroom to make myself sick or take a laxative, surely someone should have noticed?

“ I remember loathing a lot of my time with Virgin and how it got me deeper into a never-ending cycle of hunger myself. Being image-based work and participating in competitions during this time, I think it all contributed to my continued pain and suffering with food.

“Anyway, I just wanted to post this as a check-in on all of you. How are your friends? Are their eating habits normal? What about your colleagues? Family?

“This world can be scary when you’re stuck in your head … especially in today’s climate when you can’t control things – controlling food and diet therefore seems ‘easier.’

“Here are some signs to look out for in someone with an eating disorder: Dramatic weight loss. Lying about what they ate, when they ate or their weight. Eat a lot of food very quickly. I often go to the bathroom after eating. Get plenty of exercise. Avoid eating with others. Cut food into small pieces or eat very slowly. Wear loose or loose clothing to mask your weight loss.

“Hope is whispering in your ear, please choose to hear it,” she added.

For confidential assistance, call Mind on 0300 123 3393 or visit / for details.




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