Man arrested for passing military information to foreign Intel agency


The accused was identified as Harpal Singh, a resident of Tarn Taran in Punjab, police said.

New Delhi:

Delhi police have arrested a 35-year-old man for allegedly passing sensitive information about the military’s deployment to a foreign intelligence agency, officials said on Saturday.

The accused was identified as Harpal Singh, a resident of Tarn Taran in Punjab, they said.

“A highly motivated and radicalized man was arrested for passing sensitive information to a foreign intelligence agency. He passed on details of Indian army personnel, army movements, location of posts and Army and BSF bunkers at India’s outposts on the Indo-Pakistan border, “said a senior police official.

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The money channeled through the hawala channels was used to fund the espionage operation, he said.

Police said they were told that the accused had ties to intelligence officials from foreign countries and that he had received funds from his managers through illegal means to transmit sensitive information regarding national security.

During the investigation, it was discovered that he worked as a farm machinery operator. While carrying out fencing work on the Indo-Pakistan border, he found a way to pass the secret information or documents across the border, the officer said.

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“On Monday, police received information that Singh was arriving in Delhi. He was about to receive secret documents from his sources. Subsequently, a trap was set and Singh was apprehended in the Majnu Ka area. Tila north of Delhi, “said the deputy police commissioner. (Special cell) Sajeev Kumar Yadav said.

During questioning, Singh revealed his involvement in obtaining sensitive information and transmitting it through various digital channels to his Lahore-based manager, Jaspal, police said.

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He received money from his manager through the hawala channel to finance the espionage operation. He was fortunate enough to meet his master during his visit to Oman, police said.

A cell phone with two SIM cards, confidential Indian Army documents and two bus tickets used for the trip were recovered from his possession, they said.

The identity and role of other foreign nationals involved in the conspiracy are also being verified. Further investigation is underway, police added.