Man asks if he should give up $2.6K salary in India for $8K salary in Singapore; says he plans to save at least $4.5K/month – TBEN Singapore News


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A single man asked if it was worth it for him to take a job with a salary of S$8,000 in Singapore while planning to save about $4,500 a month.

In a Facebook post to Singapore Indian Expats, the netizen wrote that his current salary in India was about S$2,652 (1.5 LPM), but he also had another offer of S$3,536 (2 LPM) in India.

In his post, he added that he was a single man and asked, “Is it worth taking a sg offer or better to choose a new Indian offer?”

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The netizen added that he was confused and came up with the following budgeting for his spending in Singapore:

“Rent -1000

Food- 1000

Load- 500

Mobile & Transport- 500

Other Expenses- 500

So I can save about 4500 sgd.(2.5 inr)”

He then asked other netizens:

Let me know when I’m (sic) missing something in the cost section.

Others who responded to the post said that since he was a single man, the Singapore offer would be good for him. Some also suggested he double the cost of rent and transportation when budgeting.

This is what they said:

Last week, an expat moving to Singapore wondered if a monthly salary of S$6,000 would be enough to support a family of three.

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An anonymous post in a public Facebook group Indians in Singapore saw a netizen asking if he should take a job offer in Singapore. The netizen wrote that he was currently earning 1.5 Lakhs in India (S$2,633.13).

The netizen wrote: “I got an offer from a company with a monthly salary of SGD6000, I earn 1.5 liters in India.

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