Man embarks on 168km journey to Gift Gachagua


A carpenter from Molo, Nakuru district, began his 168-kilometer journey to Nairobi district to honor Vice President Rigathi Gachagua.

Speaking to the media on Saturday, January 14, the man explained with hope how his mission was motivated after learning that Gachgaua lived in Nyeri County.

He explained how being a staunch Christian would help him gain favor with the DP.

“I always hear that our DP lives in Mathira. I start my journey to Nyeri and I am hopeful that I will find him at his home. I trust in God that I will find him there,” he said.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua’s chair awaits delivery outside Smart House Furniture in Molo, Nakuru Province on January 14, 2023

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Smart home furniture

If his Nyeri’s mission failed, he made it clear that he would continue the journey to Nairobi.

“If that fails, I will continue my journey to Nairobi to give him this seat. I know I will have a chance to talk to him,” he commented.

In a video seen by was seen carrying the chair on his back, tied with a piece of cloth.

There was also visible wording printed on the seat stating that the DP would use it for two terms.

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“Our beloved Vice President, Rigathi Gachgaua, 2022-2032,” the message read.

He added that he credits Gachagua because the current government has kept its promises to stand behind the scammers.

While the Hustler Fund launched by President William Ruto wasn’t enough, he noted it was a good start as he had seen it benefit his company.

“We have been patient since our leaders pledged to stand by us, which we have witnessed through the hustler fund. We took advantage of the fund, even though it is considered a small amount, it is a matter of time before we make it as the leaders are now supporting the scammers.

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We started making seats in 2021 and we had to be patient after they promised to support us,” he added.

TBEN have so far borrowed Ksh14 billion from the Hustler Fund pot two months after its launch. President Ruto announced that the Hustler Fund will raise credit limits on January 30, 2023.

Gachagua urged TBEN to pay back money borrowed from the Hustler Fund, advising them against listening to lawmakers advocating default of credit.

President William Ruto registers for the Hustler Fund on November 30, 2022.

President William Ruto registers for the Hustler Fund on November 30, 2022.


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